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First members of the family seem to have come to Czech lands at the end of 16th or beginning of 17th century from Bavaria or Upper Phalz. The latest known record dates back to 1638 when a feudal field master Adam Schleiss and his wife Ludmila baptised their son Michal at Klenova near Klatovy.

After the battle at Weisserberg (White Mountain) near Prague (1620) that marked the end of national Protestant uprising numerous priests of nationality different from the local population served at many Czech parishes. Being often the only literate individuals in their areas these priests influenced the spelling varieties of the original - Schleiss. Studying church past records we come across - Schleiss, Schleis, Schleisser, Schlaiss, Schlais, Schlaisna, Schlajs, Sslags and others. Today, majority of the family members in the Czech Republic use either Slajs, Slais or Sleis.

The Slajs family was a family of feudal field masters. Feudal field masters were specialists in sheep breeding and often took veterinary responsibilities. Field masters usually had numerous helpers at varying level and one tenth of the estate sheeps belonged to them. The profession was passed in the family from generation to generation. Sheep breeding was well developed in Bohemia and Moravia for centuries and was apparently a very profitable craft and an important source of local communities wealth. At the beginning of 18th century there were 20 000 shepherds in Bohemia and Moravia. The profession respectability was confirmed in 1704 when the emperor Leopold I. ordered shepherds to be considered "respectable" and for their children to be able to learn any profession. In 1709 shepherds were granted a class status.

Coming from Germany the family quickly spread in Domazlice, Klatovy and Plzen regions and other parts of Bohemia.

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